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Standard Training

Standard training on the use of SpacEyes3D software is a one-day course that covers the complete procedure to set up a 3D model using the range of functionalities offered by the software.

The main elements of the training include:

  • basic input data of the 3D model
  • visualization and navigation functions
  • adding & management of several information layers (raster & vector)
  • analysis tools
  • framing functions of the 3D model (stickers, simple or complex 3D objects, layouts, etc.)
  • export options of the 3D model: 3D views, movies, viewer

Standard training can be organized either at SPACEYES or at the client's premises. This second option is more relevant when a minimum of three people from the same company attend the training.

Specialized Training

This training depends on the client requirements and is often linked to technical assistance with the use of the client data. The training can last from one to several days and can be independently organized at SPACEYES or at the client's premises.


Standard training

SPACEYES training (Valbonne – France)

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  • 6 participants per class (maximum),
  • SPACEYES reserves the right to cancel a training session if the number of participants is insufficient.
  • Transportation & accommodation fees of the trainees are not included.

On-site training
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Specialized Training

In France (at client premises or at SPACEYES) or abroad: Upon request