Markets - Environment

SpacEyes3D can provide stunning 3D visuals and videos to represent key environmental phenomena including climate change, water pollution, soil erosion, mine remediation, etc.


The joint authority of Camargue Gardoise has used SpacEyes3D for presentations to the Monitoring Committee of Rhône to improve flood discharge to the sea. The 3D model was made by the technical team using a digital terrain model (2m) and aerial imagery of the IGN (BD ORTHO-50cm).



SpacEyes3D offers the 3D geovisualization of noise maps produced by the acoustic mapping software MITHRA-SIG. The illustrations below shows the computed noise maps during daytime and at night.


Display of the noise maps on the building exteriors


The wind farms of Fruges represents the largest onshore eolian complex throughout France and is global reference for the entire wind energy sector : 70 wind turbines with a total capacity of 140 MW.

For this reason, when the French Regional Council of "Nord-Pas de Calais" has developed its interactive 3D application with the landmarks of its territory, this wind farm was included. Thanks to analysis and animation functions of SpacEyes3D software, the visual rendering and inter-visibility calculations between windmills are perfectly visualized in interactive 3D.